The amphibians are a must have model of women who do not know how to give up style and comfort. Thanks to their design, this model of women's shoes is designed to ensure stability and comfort.

These shoes were born, in fact, as military amphibians and became a symbol of freedom and hope for the future when they depopulated in the U.S. Army at the feet of the Marines. Subsequently, women's amphibians, characterized by a comfortable platform sole, entered the world of fashion, becoming more and more mainstream.

The timeless design, casual but at the same time elegant makes amphibians shoes easy to match both with classic and sober outfits and with more aggressive and gritty looks.

Made mostly of leather or suede, women's amphibians are available in different models and suitable for any occasion: high amphibians, low amphibians, white amphibians, black amphibians and more.

On you can find the best brands of women's amphibians: Dr Martens, Via Roma 15, Ash, Felmini...

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